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New unit of God quantity:
GOD is i-mal!

Objectives of the website:

  • Here a great mystery of the religion and history is investigated. We do it for the first time for 1400 years. Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam, was the last to try to unravel it. The mystery consists in the most enigmatic manifestation of the Characteristic of GodUnit of God Quantity.
  • The foundation of future unification of the religions is given here. Prophets foretold such unification. Daniil Andreyev wrote about it in “The Rose of the World”. But where is the basis? Is it possible to unite, for example, Muslims and pagans? There is such a possibility!
  • We will consider the interconnection between all the main existing religions. One would think: “Where is the link between Christianity and atheism (yes, the latter is also a kind of religion)? How are Judaism and Islam connected?” They all are interconnected in a special way! You will see it.
  • We will speak about mathematics. Is 13 always a prime number? That, I submit, is really so! In all the visible and invisible worlds of Universe! One day we will disappear, but wherever we find ourselves, whatever strange worlds we come to know, we will know one thing for sure – 13 is a prime number! This fact unites and pierces Universe. That is why mathematics is really a divine instrument! And it must be used not to study brute matter, but to investigate the spirit and analyze the Characteristics of God. I will tell you how to do it!
  • We search for like-minded people ready to catch up the torch and carry it. Well then...

A certain UNIT OF GOD QUANTITY (hereinafter referred to as Quantifier of Contemplation of GOD) underlies any human religion and philosophy, any human culture, any human history. Underlies any human happiness. Or trouble. There have been FOUR Quantifiers of Contemplation of GOD UNTIL NOW.. They are  0, 1, 1\3 and . All of them are referred to the set of real numbers.

I’d like to represent a new QUANTIFIER OF CONTEMPLATION OF GOD! It is i, a complex number. It is an imaginary unit.

So that what has been assigned is done.

Now there is a little left to do – to understand the full extent of the phenomenon of Characteristics of God! Then one may praise a corresponding religion or culture, and endure the wrinkles of corresponding history on the headstone. Well… We have neither of them now. But this mission is for ever and ever! If you don’t mind, let’s take the road?

It will be a long way... Not shorter than the one before us. Obviously mankind is destined to search for the Quantifier of Contemplation of GOD. ONE GOD. It is fair to say that not everybody searched for it. To be more exact, there were just three of them. They were… All right, it is all my mockery, I exaggerate – we just do not know the rest researches (and the discoverers). So we know three of them – Akhenaten, Abraham and Muhammad. It is not a historic essay, so I will say just several words about each of them.


One day, maybe it was by chance, he looked up at the sun, and it turned his life around. And our life to some extent… Probably it happened in a desert. Sand-hills, wind whisper… Cradle of monotheism!


And again desert. This time a stone desert. Cold at night and intolerably white in the daytime... But the meeting took place in the plains of Mamre, when Abraham was sitting at the door of the tent in the heat of the day.

«He [Abraham] lifted up his eyes and looked, and behold, three men were standing in front of him. When he saw them, he ran from the tent door to meet them and bowed himself to the earth and said, “O Lord, if I have found favor in your sight, do not pass by your servant».

Genesis 18:2-3

According to St. Augustine, Abraham saw three men and adored one God...

One can quip: “he drank some sweet wine”. Slanderers will never stop. They even accused the Holy Apostles on Whitsunday at the moment of descent of the Holy Spirit. And they said the same then. Gentiles! Peter the Apostle was right when he cut short something like: “Prophets do not drink in the morning!” Well… Now seriously. Let’s return to Abraham. So the Trinity appeared!


It’s rather strange. Hardly anybody thinks of God quantity, sitting by the sea or in the forest. But the desert is full of apologists of One God! And full of poets. Avid emerald arch-monotheism. «Do not say ‘three’! Allah is the one!».

Muslims consider Christians to be polytheists due to their adherence to the doctrine of the Trinity. That is why “Do not say ‘three’!..”

Yes! Only when you close your eyes amidst this yellowness, only amidst sand under violet-velvet sky, listening to the whisper of myriads of stars, one can exclaim: “There is no other God, but Allah!”.

Now it’s our turn to speak about God

We will not go to the desert (though it would have been great!). And we will not shout. We will say in a low voice: «Do not say “THREE“! Do not say “ONE“! Do not sayREAL“!». I must explain something to you.

‘One’ may not express any Characteristic of God, because ‘one’ – a real number – is an imperfect number. Just like the rest Quantifiers of Contemplation of God, based on material grounds. What is imperfect about real numbers? A real straight line is not a true field, while the latter is the keystone of the structure of algebra.

Sure I simplify it. It would be better to put it differently. Real numbers conceal many insoluble contradictions - there are polynomials having no solutions in this set of numbers (for example, x²+1=0). Since this variant is infeasible in algebra - there must be a solution - it means that solutions are somewhere “beyond”, in a more general and wide field.

So is it possible that an element of such imperfect category could express God? Can this manifestation of the Characteristic of God be of such a low quality? Indeed, when we speak about real numbers, we deal with an individual case containing a part of something else. Something more universal and, consequently, better corresponding to the Characteristic of God under consideration. Так что же это такое? What is it then???

If you have read about real and complex numbers you must have an idea of what they are. Well now. “Do not say ‘three’! Do not say ‘one’!...”. ‘Three’ and ‘one’ are real numbers. Do not say ‘real’! Because GOD is imaginary one!... An interesting pun, isn’t it? Now we seem to say (let’s just replace the word ‘imaginary’ meaning ‘as if’ with negative particle ‘not’): GOD is not one. Is it? No. It is like that and not like that at the same time! GOD is not one from the point of view of real numbers. But GOD IS ONE FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF COMPLEX NUMBERS! Got that? QUANTIFIER OF CONTEMPLATION OF GOD IS i. IMAGINARY ONE. I emphasize it: not one, but imaginary one. Try to see the difference. And once again: GOD is imaginary one! GOD is i-mal!!!

Do not adore anything subject to marginal calculus!!! Neither of spirits, space, energies, fields or information (even Absolut energy that fills the space), or countable Gods (even if it is the only one). Do not adore anything subject to real calculus! Throw the idols of real ‘one’ to the fire! Even the Jewish people – monotheists by birth – sometimes join adherers of some ‘power’. What poor paganism! Any power is subject to real calculus.

Reverend Fathers of the Orthodox Church cautioned people against imagining God, Christ, the Trinity or Our Lady during the pray. Nobody knows how the truth can be replaced in the visual image. I want to caution you either — do not count GOD. You never know…

Line of reasoning leading to
i-malism of God

How have I come to i-malism of God? What was my reasoning before I started serious consideration of the basis of this Characteristic of God? The issue is too wide for the current chapter, that is why I devote a separate page to this topic. More...

Why do we need to count God?

What is important about numbers? Obviously there is something important, because the most fundamental Characteristic of God is expressed in a number! And still… will, for example, 13 always be a prime number? That, I submit, is true! Always! Forever! In all the imaginable God’s and other worlds. Things change. Physical laws, matter, images in mind, dreams… But the number! The number is the most non-conformal eternal object in Universe. Each of us will disappear some day… Everything will change for us then. Or everything will disappear. And only the number and operations on numbers will stay the same. Because the number as a symbol is not linked to anything. We count not the matters of a real or another world. WE JUST COUNT. This is the only link between all the worlds of all the spaces. It is the most solid, reliable and eternal manifestation of the Characteristic of God! Put it differently, it is unknown WHERE, WHEN AND HOW we will see God one day, but the fact that we will find God in the same numeric expression as we will calculate today is an UNQUESTIONABLE FACT!

Motivation of search for a unit of God quantity

The answer is almost the same as the answer to the previous question. I mean it is high time to take a breath and think over the heading. Aren’t you tortured with the dilemma? Do you wonder why those three searched for the described Characteristic of God? What is the meaning of all that? Hmm. can’t say for those guys, I am not sure… As for my modest ideas, please see Section – «Why do we need to search for the Quantifier of Contemplation of GOD.

That’s it... Enough for introduction.

Up to the i-malism of God! What’s then?

If you have not done it yet, I recommend you to have a look at the Interconnection between the Quantifiers of Contemplation of GOD. It is the key interconnection in terms of the Characteristic of God under consideration. It underlies very many issues. And then we will go on! I mean up. To the main menu (in the form of accordion). But you’d better start with i. With the sticking out symbol on the top. By the way, the headings of pages are also links throwing light on many issues. Do not forget to click on them...


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