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Схема 01

Quantifier of Contemplation of GOD

Kind of God quantity unit… Atheists – 0 (there is no God), Muslims – 1 (God is the one), Jewish – 1/3 (God is one in three), Christians – 3/1 (Essential Trinity), pagans – perpetuity (many gods).

I have given a good deal of thought to how to call this… so scattered unit. Sometimes it is 1, then 0 or even perpetuity. Or… a strange fraction – 1/3, or 3/1 (though it has nothing to do with fraction at all)… How to call (maybe not in one, but in several words) this “patchwork”? However the expression «Unit of GOD Quantity»has already lived in my head for many years before I was assailed by doubts for the first time. There was a time when I thought it was the only name for this non-ruler-measurement of God. My point of view has changed. «Unit of quantity…». Sounds a bit flat. We deal not exactly with a unit. And not exactly with quantity. Plenty of words and phrases attacked me. “Point of God accounting”, “Monotheism Ratio”… Wrong. Wrong! I was in despair. But all of a sudden…

«Quantifier of God Quantity». Maybe this? But “quantifier” and “quantity”… Sounds like tautology. What is to be done? Maybe «Quantifier of Contemplation of God»? Hurray! Sounds good. But then «Quantifier of God Revelation» came to my mind. I hesitated, but chose the first. Why? Revelation is something coming from God and not requiring our effort, as a rule. That’s how I understand this term. While “contemplation” also implies revelation (yes, no observation or contemplation is possible without discovery, the object must appear in a light cone) and, which is more important, some effort of the contemplator focused on the appearing object. See? That was it.

That is why «Quantifier of Contemplation of GOD»! As for term “quantifier”, look here. Great Soviet Encyclopedia says:

Quantifier (Lat. quantum – how much) – a logic operation giving quantity characteristic to the domain of objects, to which the result is referred to. In the language such words, as “all”, “each”, “some”, «there exists», “there is”, “any”, «only», “several”, «infinitely many», “finite number”, and all the cardinal numbers, carry such characteristic.

We could not ask for better! That is why “Quantifier of Contemplation of GOD”! What do you say? The term is known already? There’s nothing to be done. All good terms are already used. Henceforth, please, do not confuse it with “existential quantifier” and “universal quantifier” – the notions of mathematical logic. Our term may be used only as it is – «Quantifier of Contemplation of GOD».

There is another important thing – notation! For this purpose (i.e. for quantifier notation) we will use capital letter Q. That’s simple. But since we have several quantifiers, we will add a corresponding mark to Q (a bit higher, like power of Q). For example, pagan Quantifier of Contemplation of God will be Q, atheistic — Q0, Christian — Q3/1… And so on.


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