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According to Section «One Aspect – one life», questions (and, consequently, answers), with only a few exceptions, are referred to the Christian Aspect of God i-malism. The circle is rather narrow. It could be wider, but… Everything said below throws only a bit of light on the frame of the ideas. You can learn more from the book («†L-Algebra Over Ex:20 Field»). This list of questions is the second level of the topic specification according to my classification. The third (top) level is the book. The first and more superficial and emotional level is the page about the Christian Aspect of God i-malism.

Every next question continues the previous one. That is why you may just read the page from the beginning to the end.

О About the Law of God, miracles… and demoniac laughter

About the Law of God

Do you know the key difference between God and devil? God makes the Law. The Law of relations between everything in Universe. Any two substances randomly taken from Universe are connected (or released), i.e. interact under the Law. The Law is solid, because even God observes it. You may wonder why He needs to observe the Law made by Him. He is God! And He may do whatever He wants… Then why? There are three reasons.

Reason one. God is not a Deputy of State Duma writing Laws for ordinary people, but not observing them.They prefer to feel free and do what they want. One can hardly notice the image of God in such behavior.

Reason two. If it is uncomfortable to observe some law, why make it? Let’s take Deputies again. They make silly laws to get advantage over those who would observe them. This scheme is not applicable to God again. God is almighty and has no need to prove it.

Reason three. An artist draws a rectangle… If he does not apply the law of golden section, he will draw something ugly. A beautiful well-proportional world may be built only on the basis of a solid Law. It is also kind of Law. Maybe even initial Law, with which it all started.

Let’s sum up. God gives people a well-proportional beautiful world based on the Law. The Law is a sequence, predictability, confidence in the future. The law may not be deceitful. If there is Law, it is always the truth. The Law is everywhere. In soulless nature, in the relations between God and the human being. Commandments. And Moses’s Tablets. And Christ’s Sermon on the Mount about love. The law is logical. It means it is a kind of language. I mean God talks to people through the law. Communicates with them. We just need to understand it. It is God’s greatest gift to people – fire of reasoning power. Unfortunately one day ancient Satan’s intrigues blew it out for a moment…

About miracles

Different idiots mock at God saying: «Show me a miracle, and I will believe!». These people commit two crimes at the same time.

First. Do you imagine God’s torture? He must break this system softly pulsating in its perfect beauty, insert a steel bar stinking with motor oil between two fragrant turquoise petals, in order to stop it all for a second and please this narrow-souled unbeliever. What about sunrise and dawn. Aren’t they miracles? It is a miracle, but based of the Law of God! Harmony! Without hammers of earthly trivial miracles. What about thunderstorm over the sea in the middle of the day? That’s Revelation! That’s where God is! In the common beautiful harmony of Law! When Devil comes, he will show you miracles – you won’t find them funny. That is why I hate miracles. Even crying icons are alien to me. Who knows what abyss is weeping there…

Someone may say: “What if a miracle is a hidden element of the law?”. I answer: “Then it is not a miracle!”. So we shouldn’t ask God for miracles, but we should say: “God, show me the unknown consistency!”. I mean we’d better be the Newtons, but not hysterical idiots. And again we see that the appeal is made to the logic and mind. But what about the thirsty for miracles? They do not want logic and mind vice versa, they like to be knocked out. With an endorphin and adrenaline wave… They call it «altered consciousness». They will always find the way out, if they get tired of waiting for a miracle – they will eat mushrooms or smoke marijuana…

Second. «Show me a miracle (they mean evidence of God existence), and I will believe…». One request contains two mutually exclusive messages. What Faith are they talking about, if there is evidence? Faith does not require evidence. It’s just FAITH.

Miracles weaken Faith. Not just weaken. No! They kill it! They make it mere knowledge. «If you raise somebody from the dead, I will believe». Lie! From the first to the last word. If you give an answer, I will solve the task and will call myself a mathematician. Bullshit! Evidence gives rise to knowledge. But knowledge is not faith. Knowledge is quite the opposite. It is its death.

Miracles tempt. They attract. Foolish people say that it is dull to live without miracles. Yes! Like without drugs. The world is grey without them. The world is empty. «I was searching for a miracle. In the needle inserted along the vein, along the pain, from inside… For a day, for an hour… I found a miracle. I could jump up without landing. I could drum my finger on rainy glass in front of silly people’s noses and bathe in the silver creek of own laughter… I got rid of it. I got through it…». But what about them? They melt before the crying icon. But when it stops crying, they shoot out lips and stamp their feet like offended children. They are deprived of bliss of sacrament. Withdrawal syndrome… Great!


I acknowledge the only miracle. And it is the only miracle in our world. It is Repentance. It is the only miracle and the only way of communication between the human being and God. Neither meditation, nor mystical wave of hands and crazy shaking. ONLY REPENTANCE! What about prayer? Yes, and prayer too. BUT WITH REPENTANCE!!! Only such prayer is really addressed to GOD. It’s no coincidence that orthodox Christians consider Repentance as Sacrament. One of the seven! And this sacrament is complicated. I would say it is the most complicated sacrament. Even more complicated than the Sacrament of the Eucharist. It is not a patch on miracles! Any prediction or mystery is nonsense! If compared with Repentance! And do not think it is just “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Be Merciful”! Technique of this phrase pronunciation comprises advanced maths! Not everybody can clear it out even after million years of learning. Not in vein hermits called it a tacit prayer!

About demoniac laughter

Devil is subjective and unpredictable like a pregnant woman.

Example: an extrasensory perception expert (or how do they call them?), his bloodshot eyes wide open, sits in the kitchen alone and moves a box on the table without touching it with his sweaty hands. Foolish people applaud when listen to his stories. And they dream to learn to do the same. They wait for public manifestation of the gift. In public the poor expert opens his eyes even wider, but the box does not move. Nothing happens. People laugh. The poor man hangs himself. Demons are bursting with laughter. Because it is not talent or gift – just Satan’s intrigues. To mock at idiots.

As for God, everything is quite different The apple still falls from the tree according to the law of gravitation. Newton noticed it, described and was awarded. Everything according to the Law of God, everything is steady. But it is GOD! While demon will cheat you. Everything is lawless. Remember the Deputies.

Or another example. «Prophets»-foretellers with half-decayed brain (they have a characteristic mark on their faces) speak something about future through their noses. But what do they say? When and where somebody will die or something will crash down… I beg your pardon, but even cats know it. Animals always go to a safe place before some accident. So four-footed prophets are awesomer. While foretellers are just… Cat-like foretellers. God, let them predict when and where somebody will come into world or will do something good. Build a school, for example. Or a road. Or a house for lonely old people. Then I would respect them. No way… Satan whispers to them: “You predict, and I will do it later”. What can Satan do? Only break something. Or drop something. Only God creates. One day those foolish people considering themselves foretellers will be cheated by Satan for sure. Satan has done everything for it and will mock at them so that… I don’t envy them.

CONCLUSION: everything like Law, consistence, mind and logic is from God. Everything unpredictable and fey is from Satan.

How can it be proved that Christ betrayed Judas?

First of all, let’s figure out what betrayal is. This issue is considered in detail in the book. Betrayal, rigorous definition of betrayal, an attempt to get to the root… So what is it?

One may lay information against the neighbor, or may do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just to turn away from the guys beating an old man in the park. Or to sell the prophet for thirty roubles. Or to pretend thoughtful and slide past skinheads while they are scalping a migrant worker with juvenile eagerness.

What do you think? Is such inactivity betrayal or not? The question is not idle, because I have met… how should I call them not to offend them… some people sincerely insisting that it is not betrayal. As far as I remember they were… writers or stage directors, I don’t remember for sure. O tempora! O mores! However such behavior is considered outrageous in civilized society. There is a notion of “criminal inaction”. So… Ok, we continue. What do you think about this story (quotation from †L-Algebra Over Ex:20 Field).

Illustration – road and traffic

For example a three-year-old baby is walking along the driveway. We are sitting in the park, drinking beer idly and watching the baby and a coming truck. Freewill! We won’t interfere! Who let him go to the driveway? Not we. Well, then. Let’s extend the case. I doubt it, but let’s think it is not betrayal. All right! Guess we want this baby to become flesh yogurt with pieces of bones. What is it? Is it not betrayal? Well, for goodness’ sake! No doubt there will be some idiots saying that just retribution befell the baby. Maybe he was going to the policeman to lay information against us (we drank beer in a public place). They are logical. But isn’t it high time to stop following idiots? Or the scale is not that big? I dare say a three-year-old boy is much closer to a wise old man on Judas – Christ scale, than the latters to each other. If it is betrayal in the first case, what about the second one? A drinking-joke, that’s it… “I tell you the truth, one of you will betray me”. But He could have kept silence. If so, that’s it! No doubt! Judas is the betrayer. No, He did not give a hint, He said it. He confirmed He knew everything! So we cant’s say that we have not noticed the truck. It’s not the case! But why did He say it? That’s the main question. And the answer is simple. He pointed out the real betrayer. He that has ears to hear, let him hear!

Another quotation. From the same book.

Christ’s nature

Christ is the one person who has two natures according to “Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith” by St. John of Damascus. Divine and human. It is a rather complicated structure of spirit. That is why the betrayal of Christ became rather complicated. Complicated, but meeting the expectations. Well, Divine nature implies prophecy and omniscience. But since Christ is the one person, both natures are ruled by one and the same will, so Christ knew what would happen during and after the Last Supper. It’s not our business to judge God. But nobody prohibited us to speak properly. Christ betrayed on behalf of His divine nature.

It means he knew how the time and mankind will treat Judas and his name. I say yes, Judas is the betrayer, but a small and icky one not worth “royal” blasphemy. Maybe he was just a patriot? That was why he went to the “government” to rein in the dissident. They say he threw the pieces of silver at the pontiff’s feet… In other words, he betrayed not for money. For the idea? It’s a question… In general it is a shady story. We have talked from the point.

On the one hand, there is unique, horrible and enormous betrayal (because committed by God); on the other hand, there is another ordinary, even trivial, too humane betrayal like hundreds (or thousands) betrayals committed every day. And the disgusting second one is impossible without the enormous first one

Illustration – friends and cops

Let’s put it another way. My friend – a scoundrel – is going to the police to lay information against me (no matter what it is… for example, I have seriously criticized the US President). So he is going to the police… At the same time I know (if I do not know, nothing can be got out of me) that after the whistle blow something horrible is ahead of him. And it would be so terrible, that he will get in trouble forever, and everybody will perk their finger in him and spit in his face. Won’t I rush to stop him? To warn him and save him. No matter how – for example I can beat him so that he will find himself at hospital. It doesn’t matter… The most important thing is to stop him! He is my friend! No. I’m standing on the balcony of the twentieth floor and watch him leaving with my cold cunning gaze. Let him do it… I will benefit from this whistle blow. Maybe tomorrow cops will beat me with their rubber batons a little, but my friends-dissidents will award a medal to me. And the kingdom of heaven is ahead of me. (Somebody may even think I have made my friend do so. What do you think about it? That would be so disgusting of me. What will be the result? He sold me for thirty roubles, while I sold him for a great universal aim to create new faith and to build a new church. What’s the difference?! A prostitute stays prostitute whether for ten roubles or million roubles. You may say that end justifies means. Then what morality are you talking about??? Everything breaks down then. Whole well-shaped world of God falls to pieces!

Everything said above could have been said about Christ, if we accepted the concept of five-hour crucifixion. But it’s not about HIM!!! Because… Yes, He betrayed Judas, but not for the kingdom of heaven – for His two-thousand-year burning! For eternal horrible crucifixion for all sinners. For all of us!!! It means to betray Judas was the only way out. The only one! If there was another way out, would He had done so…

Scheme of salvation of the dead

Let’s consider the scheme in detail, step by step. Well now…

Christ has also human nature (Christ is the one person who has two natures: divine and human). A human being may not simply go to hell. He must “deserve” this ticket (It’s law! You may call it whatever you like – even the law of retaliation). Christ betrayed Judas to get a right to enter the ninth circle of hell. It was the only way to reach basaltic paths. What for? For the only purpose – to save those belonging there, to push them up. Unfortunately, it’s not enough just to go down there. Because one starts dissolving betrayal in own pain and move up slowly. By the way, before Christ nobody moved up at all. He must push them up, but stay on the bottom, because new sinners keep coming. That was a complicated task. How did He solve it? It was simple and difficult at the same time. It was delicate.

Substitution of betrayal

«Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, That this night, before the cock crow, thou shalt deny me thrice. Peter said unto him, Though I should die with thee, yet will I not deny thee. Likewise also said all the disciples.» (Matthew 26:34-35). Some of them disowned Him three times each. Didn’t they betray Him? But only Judas’s betrayal was blown out. Why?

A kind of mathematical operation. Inversion. Or something like this… Substituted betrayal. Here, on earth. Brought Judas’s trifle betrayal to the forefront. Passed it off as something enormous. While hid, concealed His enormous one. Did His best to put this point of view into the heads and souls of the now and ever living. And He was a success. No equipoise of doubt has bothered anybody – which of them is the real Judas? Why did HE do it? Inversion of betrayals enabled inversion of betrayers. Inversion of betrayers enabled inversion of retaliation. One substitution gave a blank check to another. Another to the third one. And so on…

Example. Some betrayer Z is tormented in the ninth circle of hell. The great borrower of others’ sufferings and deaths (Christ) approaches him and makes inversion over the couple “Christ – Z”. Substitution of betrayals, substitution of betrayers and… As a result substitution of retaliation. Torment and death supposed for Z fell on Christ together with myriads of other individual torments and deaths, anchoring Him to the hell bottom. At the same time Z receives a particle of Christ’s life, Christ’s light. Receives and immediately flies away from the musty dark to heaven like a champaign cork. He pulled hundreds of the lost from death during a second. Thousands. God, where does He derive strength…

That is how Christ tramples down death! This is the mechanism of Christ’s salvation and pulling out the dead. This is endeavor!!! It’s not five-hour hanging on the cross! And HE is not on the throne beyond the reach in some faraway transcendental palace. He is here. With each of us. And He will tap on the shoulder each of us sooner or later. Will stroke the hair of each of us…

The Pattern of the Crucified

God makes a series of steps. And this series is not scattered, not spontaneous, but rather consistent. It has the beginning and the end. And every next step depends (logically) on the previous one (or the next one). Why does God need this ungrateful individual labor? HE could just wave His hand – and bring people to their senses, save them and put them in the right way, couldn’t He? First of all, see the Law. Second, He communicates to us through the consistence pattern. Waving a hand is disrespect, bonk on the head. But HE values and loves us. HE wants to talk to us.

And HE says: «Christ betrayed Judas, but you will be sure Judas betrayed Christ. And the unfortunate man, not the betrayer, but the betrayed, would be drowned in a tea-cup». See it, realize it, think several moves ahead. What does God want to say? What is hidden behind His words? What should we hear and even see?

HE affirmed and declared His way of our Salvation to whole Universe. I call this formula the Pattern of the Crucified. This formula says: «Retaliation is ahead of the betrayed instead of betrayer». It means that the imaginary is made real, and real – imaginary. Have you recollected i, imaginary one? According to the given formula imaginary betrayers become real ones. Real retaliation is ahead of HIM, an imaginary betrayer (betrayer because of inaction). Previously hell torments were eternal. But Christ commissioned a new formula. And HE substitutes the betrayers in hell according to the way declared by HIM, and deprives them of suffering (taking it on), pushes them out to the light of bliss. He saves them. (However it is a bit more complicated. See «About freewill and soul immortality»)

Why do we speak only of betrayers? Because any sinner is betrayer, in fact betraying Christ

What is the purpose of retribution?

Really, what’s the purpose? What the bloodiness! Why punish anybody? Moreover, to substitute anybody in punishment, to take lashes upon… Why not reprimand gently and let them go?

That won’t do. Again see the Law. If God acknowledges existence of the sin and supports the practice of expiation, every sin is tightly linked with other «drive gears» of Universe, and it is impossible to pull it away with a divine wave of the hand without prejudice to the harmonious world view. In other words, sin utilization is possible only through expiation to ensure uninterrupted functioning of Universe. There is no such thing as miracle in this serious business. It’s the law! Practice shows that the subject of expiation does not matter – the main thing is to do it (see the Exodus, 20, Commandment 2).

About freewill and soul immortality

Well then. But why suffer for others? If they are guilty, let them pay. Otherwise… They are substituted, pushed out… What’s the purpose? To make people free! I’ll try to explain…

Illustration – involuntary amnesia

Imagine a person dragging himself along the road from the job. If this tired poor thing is daily caught and beaten in the same place on his way home, he will start avoiding this place sooner or later. But what if this unpleasant episode is deleted from his mind every morning? He will never turn from his way. Paradise for hooligans...! But that’s not the point. The point is as follows.

The human being can not suffer too much. I mean hell. He will fall into despondency. Once beaten, twice shy. But the human being must be free! I mean he must be free to choose between the good and the bad. Not to avoid unpleasant places, but to feel free to go wherever he wants. Otherwise what freedom are we talking about, if the human being is bullied? In other words, if there are limits – do not go there, do not do that… It is not freedom! The true freedom is not a declared freedom, but exercised freedom.

Illustration – border

They tell me about freedom, but I will be roughly punished for crossing the border. That is why I will not do it. And nobody will. What is the result? The border is locked down. It means there is no freedom there. It is declared, but the bullied we do not exercise it and do not cross the border. That’s it.

Well… Freewill is a fundamental attribute of the spirit world. It (Freewill) is important for us to live forever. The soul is immortal when and only when the Freewill exists and is exercised (but not only declared). When the good and the bad are real neighbors and exist freely. This theorem is proved in the book («†L-Algebra Over Ex:20 Field»).

Here is a quotation from the book.

God needs Freewill (His persistent non-punishment) only to make us LIVE FOREVER. Once my friend shouted in despair: «Why does God allow killing???!!!». I whispered: «To make people live forever». And, you know, he calmed down at once… BUT! It is important that a natural body could send a message freely in any direction. Centuries-long history (past and future) is needed to give millions of examples to affirm and PROVE the divine equivalence of highs and lows, but not only to DECLARE it. History is history, while we carry this mechanism in our hearts… (I will stop here, because the book is just about it).

Note. Divine scheme: allowance of Freewill (consequently, equal existence of the bad and the good) for the sake of the great aim – to let people live forever. This scheme is everywhere. And in everybody. For example, Bolsheviks. They made revolution for the sake of people’s happiness. To save them from slavery. And they killed people for the sake of the people’s happiness to release them from slavery… Whatever noble aim is pursued, the result will always be the same (see above). Because this divine scheme is in the nature of human beings.

I choose the Good freely. Not because of punishment for the bad. I choose belief in Christ freely. Not because I’m afraid of retaliation for unbelief. Vice versa, Faith implies privations (for example not to eat meat during the Easter Fast). But I choose it freely. And I do not require any evidence and do not expect any afterlife reward (moreover I reject any award, because receiving award I will admit some future expectations have ruled my Free (not free!) Choice in the past). I choose it simply because it is my Freewill. Because I want to do so.

How can it be proved that Christ is still in hell?

There is no evidence. However…

Acts (Act. 1:10-11). The Apostles were looking intently up into the sky as Christ was going.

They were looking intently up into the sky as he was going, when suddenly two men dressed in white stood beside them. «Men of Galilee,» they said, «why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven.»

It means there’s no use of looking into the sky? No use of waiting for Him from there? «…will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven». What does it mean? The movement image and direction will be the same, won’t they? Will He come back going into heaven? Going up from somewhere? Where from???

And another thing. Something that can be perceived as indirect evidence, though it is rather the consequence. Consequence of Christ’s self-sacrificing labor – pushing sinners out of hell.

What can you say about present-day people? What do you think of them? The thing is that those pushed out by Christ cannot avoid birth on earth. It is zero, the middle point impossible to be missed by the rising soul. And they come into world… Too alive, able to do anything, workaholics trying to leave an imprint, but they kind of half-dead. Their heart does not ache. They are indifferent. Nothing pierces their souls. Nothing can make them lose their temper. Nothing awakes their interest. And they live an ordinary life their soul under anesthesia. That’s how HE evacuates torture out of them… There are plenty of people of the kind nowadays. Just look around… They have the gift to strangle no matter what – people, science, even art. And without a twinge of conscience, while conscience is the way of expressing heartache. And they keep strangling. That’s it…

I am sure that Christ is in hell. The Apostles saw Him rising…

Yes! He has risen and has brought Good News to all of us. The Good News that we will also rise. But… Once again read «the Christian Aspect of GOD i-malism», I have already talked about it there. By the way… It is impossible to describe everything here. It is given in detail in the book.

Who else knows that Christ betrayed Judas? That He is in hell?

Orthodox Church knows. But knows unconsciously. That is why it has always avoided innovation and progress. It is still extremely conservative. Its Hierarches bear this fear in their souls unconsciously. That is why they preach strict conservatism and canonicity. God bless us, no one must know. Taboo. Taboo! The same is about Catholics. But they passed the truth in the process of church development. Now they are closer to unbelief, than to the belief in something horrible.

What is the use of this knowledge for ordinary people? Why should they be told that God is betrayer?

We must train their Faith. Make them… train their soul. Come on, train the muscles of your soul! At least a little bit. But frequently – every day. Our aim is to suppress their thirst for miracles. We must say again and again: “Our God is betrayer! Betrayer! Betrayer! First, they will spring back… And step back! Maybe far away. But later… They will get used to it. They will get used to love God as He is. Will get used to believe in Him whatever is said about Him. Will get used to believe in Him even when they are offered another one, maybe a better one. Better means giving more, more and more to their bodies…

Somebody will come… The ugly devil. But in the likeness of a respectable person. With a power to break the world and distort the Law of God – to make miracles. Yes! He will cure the sick and raise the dead. Not like Christ – quietly, without fanfare, asking to keep it a secret. No. Effusively, declaring it to the whole world, maybe broadcasting on TV. He will cure somebody’s mother. Will set somebody’s son on his legs. Will turn someone into a beautiful young person not getting older during a hundred years. He will cancel labor. Cancel hunger. Will bring joy everywhere. Then what is the use of God? And Christ with His Good News? What is the use of love and soul? And some of them will give up.

He will reign. His cracked voice will be heard from all the loudspeakers.

- What did the King of the Jews give you? Why do you love Him? I give you health, joy and make your body immortal. Almost… And what did He give you? Why are you silent? Why do you close your ears? Why do you persist? Why don’t you abandon your so-called Son of Man? Why do you stand your ground? Ok, you are welcome… But… Do not dream of any heaven! What did He promise you? Feast on the right hand of Godhead? With Moses as a waiter? Here you go – you won’t get anything! I can make feast. Only I can!

He will say it and will be right. Absolutely right! Thousands of years at the great feast table beside the ever-young devil, eating, amidst happy vomit, like ancient Romans (body, stomach – they need to be emptied to stuff them again). Thousands of years…

When you are tired of eating, you may enjoy coupling with any namby-pamby animal whatever you like. When you are tired of coupling, you may put a knife into any creature. Just because you are bored – they scream so funny under a sharp knife, and this pulsing trickle of blood is so nice. You are welcome… What else?

- What else do you need? Do you want happiness? Do you want to fly? Here you are.Take this pill. Fly above the graves of those silly believers. Fly… He didn’t give and will never give you real happiness and flight. But I give it all to you. I give it. Only one thing… Disown Him. For me. By my name! Why do you need Him? He… He is in magma. He is betrayer. Do you still want to be with Him? Do you want to go to Him? No problem! Take your shabby bag – death and torture are in it. And if you want to be with Him, go to that dirty stone hole. Quick march!

«Really, why do I resist? What for? For the sake of whom?» - somebody will think… And give up. And when the last person gives up…

Only belief in Christ! Great Faith! Not requiring any evidence and miracles. Only this way. Only pure naked faith. In spite of everything… Only the faith will help us not to give up!


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