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First, about terminology

I have already said that some Quantifier of Contemplation of God underlies any human religion, culture and history. (It is at the beginning of the Home page). I do not deny my words. Moreover I want to repeat them and add something. Not only the religion, culture and history grow from this “mustard seed”. They are just three massive branches of a huge tree consisting of many smaller shoots. Science, economic, lifestyle… And so on and so forth… The past and the future. Everything influenced by the Quantifier of Contemplation of God. Everything on which the Quantifier of Contemplation of God threw its light (sometimes grey and monotonous, sometimes the Mother of God’s turquoise, or desert and prophetic, or emerald).

There a logical question arises – how can we call these thick shoots somehow connected with the Quantifier of Contemplation of God? Let me propose the following variant — Decoherence of GOD. (Broadly speaking, the essence depends on the identifier of the Quantifier of Contemplation of God). Why so? To answer the question we’ll have to make a journey into science. Into physics. To be more exact, into quantum mechanics. To tell you the truth, I’m a bad guide, but you’re lucky anyway – we don’t have to wear shoe covers. The parquet in this accessory building of the natural science has not been polished yet… Let’s start.

Let me introduce the main principles of the quantum theory in a simplified manner (I can’t give any details, since I have only one page and a half). Probably you will come across unknown terms (or even words). Do not run to peep into the dictionary, maybe the further narration will explain everything. So, the quantum theory says that…

Summary of the quantum theory

Initially, any system never interacting with the surroundings takes the superposition of mutually exclusive states (photon: particle – wave, Schroedinger’s cat: alive – dead). It is also called the pure state. Or entangled, non-local state. In other words…

Superposition is simultaneous existence (in the form of interpenetrating states of the superposition) of something which cannot exist if being mixed, especially simultaneously.

It’s no wonder that the system is invisible in such pure superposition, i.e. it does not manifest itself in the physical world, does not have any physical form, it is insensible, not connected with anything, it may not be felt for through any experiment. It is inseparable and non-local (another couple of synonyms for superposition). It is everything. And it is nothing. Absolute vacuum. Emptiness. But… We see and feel the systems living in the world. We perceive them in the form of objects. How so?

The process of decoherence makes the system visible. When…

One state, in which the system comes to world (like an image on photograph paper put into developer), separates from the system superposition (it is unknown how).

The system materializes and… Having come into continuum, starts interacting with the surrounding systems-objects, becomes available for any physical action, in other words - it locates.

Where does the term “decoherence” come from? Though intermingled, the states in the superposition interpenetrate in each other in a certain coherent order. When one of the states springs up like a pimple, all the links and hooks, connecting the state (sometimes they say “entangling”, that’s where another name of superposition – entangled state – comes from) with the entire “block” of the superposition, break. In other words the system error or decoherencetakes place.

But why does something come out to the existence from the non-existence? What is the drive of decoherence? The science is at a loss. Sometimes it is physical measurement, scientific experiment. Measurement shows that something has passed by. But what is it? It is what we measure! We measure one physical parameter, we find out that the passerby is a particle. If we have measured another physical parameter, we would have seen a wave. Is it possible to measure them simultaneously? Unfortunately not! That’s the way the world wags. It’s like… It is impossible to study the taste and flying range of the apple at the same time. You may either bite or throw it. A third is not given! Sometimes… (like in the case of Schroedinger’s cat) it is enough to open the cage to start the process of decoherence. That is why I beg you not to twitch the handles of unknown doors!

All right. It is not a lesson on the quantum theory. There are plenty of good books about it. I just… try to compare. And to explain why I use the terms of the quantum world to describe my ideas. I see some deep ideological likeness between them.

About the ideology of the study

Let’s revise and summarize the said above. For example, let’s take micro-particles.

Something in pure superposition (mutually exclusive states: particle, wave)

Physical measurement of somewhat in this something

Decoherence in the form of the only one from the set of exclusive states: particle or wave

Simple summarizing: pure superposition ==> measurement ==> decoherence. HERE WE ARE – IT IS EXACTLY OUR CASE!!!

Pure superposition, non-local source of reality (GOD), where the good and the bad and the whole world live together in the superposition with their manifestations impossible to be imagined together… Details…

Measurement (Quantifier of Contemplation of God)

Decoherence (Manifestation of GOD in something visible: religion-culture-history, etc.).

Please note that decoherence is not something frozen or dead. Decoherence is the process. Development. With its past and, of course, future. It is the only possible perception of it. And it is very important to remember that it depends directly on what we measure (or contemplate), how we measure… In other words, everything depends on the essence of the contemplation or measurement. For example, two different (even opposite) measurements-contemplations in terms of the superidea – 1 and 0. But the difference… Contemplation of One God shows Love, Wisdom, Poetry. Contemplation of absence of God – darkness, hatred, disgust. That’s it… Two individual decoherences (from the same initial coherent mass), but inconsistency is striking.

How does He come to world - appearance of God from His own entangled light to the nook of our decoherent darkness? Fist, there was a little click. Like quark fragmentation. Like initial Big Bang. That is how a Quantifier of Contemplation of God displays from nowhere. Then the certain Quantifier of Contemplation of GOD appears by cross-hatching the pastel canvas of the Absolute with neutrino brushstrokes from that initial point, like photopositive.


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