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Point Q 3/1 on the chart of interconnection between the Quantifiers of Contemplation of GOD.


What is «decoherence of GOD»? What does this strange term come from? It is rather from quantum physics...

ASPECT of GOD i-malism

What is an individual Aspect of GOD i-malism? How is it connected with the Qi-th Decoherence of God...


Overview of the WORLD sky at daybreak with clouds of Aspects of GOD i-malism amidst evanescing blue of the sky...

Q3/1-st decoherence of GOD (Christianity)

God has become Flesh. Has incarnated… And suffered for people.

To speak of Christian Decoherence of God is like counting decimal digits of the number Pi. Eternal and mechanical process. What is the use of enumeration and description (even enthusiastic)? Christianity is not to be talked about – it is to be lived. All the words are… However we’ll talk about Christ right now. Well now, let’s start without a peep.

Ai3/1 - Christian Aspect of GOD i-malism

I believe there will be others. Islamic, atheistic… Even pagan. But now only Christian. That’s mine. That’s about me. That’s what my i-malism has grown from. Stay in your faith. It is our major motto. Only then we will reach the Truth, each mounting his/her own ladder. Only then. No other way!

Let’s begin. I propose three levels of the topic specification. The third (the top one) is the book (†L-Algebra Over Ex:20 Field). The second one (for middlebrows – I’M KIDDING!) is «FAQs». The links given below lead to this very page. I recommend you to read it sooner or later. The first level of the topic specification starts from the next paragraph. It is brief and is given in a simplified form. If I have missed something (inadvertently), I hope comrades will correct me (as our i-malism neighbors – communists – used to say).

I saw many sinful dudes even not trying to be purged of sin. They used to say: «Come on, I will answer for my deeds myself». But it is not like this! And it will never be so. Jesus Christ answers for that guy’s deeds in hell

Wait a second. Why is Crist in hell? Because Christ betrayed Judas. It is widely accepted that everything is vice versa – Judas betrayed Christ. And this point of view is very important. The betrayal was described so, as to preserve this point of view forever. But how did HE find himself there, I mean, in hell? HE was half man, consequently, he must have been punished subject to the Law of God. It came to Poet Dante that betrayers languished at the bottom of hell, in the lowest circle of hell. See? HE went down to the bottom. But why?

«For he is not a God of the dead, but of the living: for all live unto him». Luke. 20, 38.

How else could he save everybody? It is more or less clear when we speak about the living. But what about the dead (also alive to him)? As for hell inhabitants – to take their place. To replace the expiating in their expiation! To go down to them and push them from there. The mechanism would be as follows: to accept Judgment for what he has not done. It is called “to take others’ sins on”… To exchange tattooed identification numbers with the convicted to let the latter escape. To take his plank bed… All fine, but… The dead keep coming to hell. Still. And who will save them? There is nobody except Christ. He is the Savior (or they call him the Redeemer)! Well, is he still in hell? (Maybe not totally, but a certain part of him, since the Orthodox Church shares the doctrine of all-round presence of God, including in hell…)

Several words about the concept of five-hour crucifixion…

The concept is simple. Namely, a Roman legionary pierced Christ’s side with a spear after the five-hour crucifixion, and Christ descended to hell as fast as he then returned to the surface (if I may say so) of earth (rose on the third day), appeared to the Apostles and enheavened to angels and the heaven of heavens… I met people tempted by that idea. They used to say something like: “Christ made brilliant career — five hours of suffering and perpetual bliss”. I agree, something is wrong with the people who think so. But still… I must say a couple of words about it here. If we agree with the concept of five-hour crucifixion as the last and main suffering of God, we may run into a dangerous illusion that HE is not at all GOD, but just a second-rate prophet, because any person with high threshold of pain can do it. Indeed, imagine a rakish young man who on his way from one pub to another decides to entertain himself – to go to Jerusalem at Easter and hang on the cross a little bit. Worse things happen – different irrelevant comparisons, like “isn’t an Islamic Shakhid like Christ? Also struggles for faith, suffers – and up to the heaven.” Terrible illusions. CHRIST IS NOW AND FOREVER ON THE CROSS! We have him on our breast not in memory, but as the commemoration of the past, present and future. What do you think, what kind of thoughts can make you sweat of blood? What kind of horror pierced Jesus at that night in the Garden of Gethsemane? Not five-hour, but TWO-THOUSAND-YEAR CRUCIFIXION!

«All events in the life of Christ, which happen in time, have timeless, abiding significance».
Archpriest Sergii Bulgakov.

But the Apostles saw Christ risen, didn’t they? Yes, they did! And what? Look here… Hell is a spiritual place. In fact (or in the world of subtle matter) one may stay wherever, even at the feast table “on the right hand of God”, but spiritually… There we go. But how does HE suffer for others’ sins? He suffers just like all of us will suffer: we will burn with shame. Everyone for himself… WHILE HE BURNS FOR ALL OF US. Moreover imagine God-betrayer’s feeling of guilt. Do not even try – you’ll fail. It is much more serious than to put on a white suit, dive into manure and live without washing it off. However the feeling of guilt is not the whole story.

Poetic note. About GOD’s “heart”.

Like anybody else I lead my life “after the image and likeness of God”. It’s a queer, but sometimes I worry even about those I do not like. One day cockroaches disappeared from my kitchen at once. To tell you the truth, a troublesome thought came to my mind: did they get poisoned? The dog was late from the walk, but I already saw the telephone number of the dogs’ mortuary. I mean, sometimes living creatures around me push my soul from the neutral position. All this is about me, a sinful person. But what about God? Is his soul or else all right? What about Christ? Some people say: “He has risen and enjoys bliss among angels in heaven.” Others say: “HE is dispassionate, HE has reached enlightenment and peace.” But where is logic? What is this God staying in bliss, enlightenment and calmness, when his servants here, on earth (or worse – in hell), are burning (in spiritual and figurative sense)? Is that God? No… Whatever, but not God! Not our God… Our God is full of love and, consequently, pain. Damned intolerable pain. Only Lucifer may enjoy felicity under its leaden sky. It is a success on earth…

«These things were done in Bethany beyond Jordan, where John was baptizing. The next day he seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world». (John. 1: 28,29).

HE who “taketh away the sin of the world” answers for our “deeds”. He who has come to suffer for people. It is as much as… If I kill somebody, but an insane baby will be cut by guillotine. Is it good? For me – yes! But is it noble? That’s just it… So what should we do? What should I do, if I even can’t eat humble pie? Or can I? I can go to a Christian church and make a confession. I can even weep for my sins… But how deep is this weeping? How deep is it, if HE has already taken my pain on? Fifteen days of house arrest are nothing as compared with fifteen years of hard labor. What?!! HE ALWAYS serves the term of imprisonment for me, for all of us. It is not just five hours of hanging on the cross: two thousand years in unimaginable hell for the sake of our salvation – this is the endeavor worthy of True God.

Christ said: “Eat my flesh and drink my blood”. What does it mean? Look here. We will bite each other. To be more exact, I will bite you, but the flesh bitten off will be HIS flesh. He took everything on. See?! And not in a figurative sense, but literally. What does “bloodless sacrifice” mean? It means you won’t see any blood. It is He who will bleed. It will be His blood. While you, me, whoever will stay insane. With clean hands. With clean feet… You think He is basking in reflected glory. No! His head is full of lice for us to bask in reflected glory!

But WHAT SHOULD WE DO? There is only one thing left (it is the only noble thing I can do, otherwise I am garbage) – to repent and live like HE teaches, namely to love your neighbor and… You know. Why is it important for HIM? Very little against the background of the general flow of abomination – just wisp of a smile, a couple seconds of joy, a moment rest from the hellfire. That’s all. Am I ready for fifty years of privations for the sake of a micro-second of HIS happiness? Our faith is the most stoic, because we will endure privations and walk through the fire, if needed, for the sake of at least a second relief of the pain of HIM who has been languishing in inconceivable hell for two thousand years already. We will sacrifice our lives not for the sake of our salvation, but for the sake of a second of HIS relief.

While HE will keep taking our pain on. Why? What for? For us to hand over the burning chars of our soul to HIM and not to feel any burning, but to feel relief after repentance, not overburdened with fears or desolation. To be not overburdened means to be free. Free to choose between abomination and the good? This freedom is the root and a fundamental law of Spiritual Universe. We are free to live forever (see †L-Algebra Over Ex:20 Field). For the sake of it HE literally suffers hellish burning of our freedom. But this is the power of HIS LOVE FOR US!

Before the execution the Apostle Paul spoke of glory expecting all the faithful Christians. Most likely no glory is waiting for us. We adore our God nailed to the cross not for the sake of glory. Any faithful person, even a Satanist, believes in saving auspices of the adored, maybe afterlife. We fall down before Christ not for the sake of auspices. There was a time when people made sacrifices to gods. Then, God sacrificed His Only Begotten Son to people in order to save them. It’s our turn now. We must sacrifice our entertainments, passion, years and lives to help Christ. And to save Him at last. To the best of our poor abilities. To save at least for a moment… Our God is in trouble. Will we turn our back upon Him? And will we stay with Him only when He is in glory? No! We will always be with Christ! Wherever He is. Even in hell…

Our faith is hard. I can even say it is fearful. We believe in God-betrayer who betrayed us for the sake of us. It is complicated. And very fearful. That is why not everybody is bound to realize these Symbols. But those who are bound… Well, they may appear not brave enough. It is really so, that is why I will never disapprove anybody, even if I stay alone.

What then? Now it’s time to realize the main (and the most complicated) idea – to live so as not to make algebra our god.

Eschatological P.S.

Just two quotations from †L-Algebra Over Ex:20 Field. The first one…

If we realize the whole truth about Christ, we will be prepared. He will come. He who is dark and alien. His aim is to shock us with the truth. To distract and frighten us. He will shout: “Your God is betrayer!” He will whisper: “Your God has betrayed not only Judas, but each of you and me!” Our God is betrayer! he (I do not want to write the devil’s name with a capital letter) will stop terrorism (used by him for this purpose) and diseases. And he will say: “I have saved you from fears, while your God did not want. Did not want to do it.” Yes! he has always been the finger of God. And there is no his fault! he is just an eternal love crusader… But we will be ready. We will keep silent. But we will never forsake our God. Never! Whatever He is… And if we are strong enough to behave like this… End of Days will come. Quiet and pure. Without revolution. Without devilish tyranny.

The second one…

«Our God is betrayer!» A human being says it to you. Says it like a human being. But it will be not a human being who will come soon. With inhuman words. he will come with the only aim to shock us with the truth. he will say it like this… If we are not ready – our hearts will blow out. That is why listen to a human being like a human being. And hate him like a human being. But… Do not forget. What will save you. «Our God is betrayer!»

Let’s repeat it like a spell. A thousand times. And maybe then we will see ourselves in the likeness of God. God —> Lucifer, God —> Human Being, Christ —> Judas. Human Being —> Judas, Human Being —> Christ, Human Being —> GOD… Any betrayal has the same structure. Betrayer is to the left, the Great Aim is in the middle, the means towards the aim is to the right. Love Christ against all odds! Whatever great aims require forsake this Love: thirst for justice, righteous anger, self-pity, pity for the Human Being, fear for children,… even toddle under anti-Christ‘s girdle. Turn your back, grit your teeth in spite of any facts, logic, reason, truth, heartache… Against all odds! It is high time to break off the circulation of this ever being, horrible and icky formula. It’s time to stop Judas! He is not a means towards the aim any more. He is the aim! Then everything will probably break and we will become mortal. Maybe it is the End of Days? And beginning of a new Era. Era without betrayal!


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