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Point Q i on the chart of interconnection between the Quantifiers of Contemplation of GOD.


What is «decoherence of GOD»? What does this strange term come from? It is rather from quantum physics...

ASPECT of GOD i-malism

What is an individual Aspect of GOD i-malism? How is it connected with the Qi-th Decoherence of God...


Overview of the WORLD sky at daybreak with clouds of Aspects of GOD i-malism amidst evanescing blue of the sky...

God has become Algebra for us. Why Algebra? Because of i (imaginary one). Willy-nilly you’ll take the arithmetic textbook for the third grade… Jokes aside, it can’t be explained in two words. The book tells about it, the black one to the right in the menu.

Well: the book is the book. But what now? Let’s consider it extensionally. At least from two points of view. Islam. “Only God speaks in Quran”. Or we may say that Muslims consider Quran to be God’s direct speech. Christianity. If we search for analogue of Quran, it will be rather Christ than the Bible. One present-day Islamic mystic defines the difference as follows:

I often tell my Christian brothers: “God has become flesh for you, and the book for us.” It means that Christian God opens himself to people in Christ, while Islamic God opens himself to people through Quran, the revealed law. In Christianity the human being obeys Christ, incarnated God; while in Islam the human being obeys Quran, sent down in the “plain Arabic language” (16:105).

We may continue: «God has become Algebra for us». In other words, the human being obeys †L-Algebra sent down in ringing languages: poetic and mathematic.

Structure of Qi decoherence of GOD

What do you think, why I always put decoherence a bit aside? Separate it. Put it above the rest (the top of the page demonstrates it). Why? First of all, you are right, it is new, and has not existed before, if I may say so. That is why it is worth being pointed out. That’s it. In fact it has not been developed yet, it does not live yet. It is a kind of baby. Why should we speak much of it? I put it on the top… Megalomania? No doubt, the latter is not alien to me, but not in this case. Then what is the reason?

Now I beg to report the main thing. Qi decoherence of GOD is cascade decoherence in a way. I would rather put it differently: it is a kind of clear superposition of specific aspects-ideas. What kind of aspects-ideas? I will answer this question later. Now let’s consider the grounds: “why do I think so”.

Because the scheme of interconnection between the Quantifiers of Contemplation of God helps us make the key conclusion. Qi in its clear superposition contains all the real Quantifiers of Contemplation of God. By direct analogy with the scheme of decoherence of God, the overall picture is the following.

Qi Decoherence of GOD, as a clear superposition of specific aspects-ideas

QR Deco-
herence of GOD



AiR - individual Aspect of Qi Decoherence of GOD

Scheme 2. R means a real number. Consequently QR is one of the real Quantifiers of Contemplation of God, while AiR is one of the Aspects of Qi Decoherence of GOD. Now it is clear how we will denote the Aspects. Example: Ai3/1 - Christian, Ai - pagan, Ai1 - Islamic Aspects of Qi Decoherence of God.

“By direct analogy…”. However the analogy is not that direct. Once again look at the scheme (let it be Scheme 1), by direct analogy with which, as we have said above, we obtain the current one (Scheme 2). The difference between the Schemes is in the middle part – so called measuring.

Scheme 1. Here measuring (observation) is the Great Flash, inconceivable occurrence of the imaginary one for a second (or the whole life?), a flash blinding the predecessors (see: Akhenaten, Abraham, Muhammad).

Scheme 2. Here observation is complex: its basis is similar to the afflation of the predecessors (Akhenaten, Abraham, Muhammad) – a high-voltage i-lightning. Above the basis is the second phase of observation: other light, other eyes – mysterious glance from some real Decoherence of God. The glance is followed by thirst! Thirst for ideas like thirst for a drop of water! And… Speary perforation of cold motionless mass of everything what has been tamped and pressed and enjoys its standstill. Consequently, it is dead. Desperate coming up to the surface, another environment, through gold-plate, though rotten wood of common cultural and religious oldies. Up to fresh air, to the sun! Just like a whale carried away chasing illusive shrimps. But nothing except a liter of half-truth under the chitinous layer of half-false may be drawn from a cloud of empty sparkles. Sooner or later the whale rushes up for a gulp of air. The same is about us, those who are short of oxygen, who are already out of breath. But there is no rush without the mass. The idea of rush may come only when you dive deep. And only to those who have not breathed for a long time. That is why the second part of the observation is available only to the abranchial, who breathes with the Sun instead of water. To those who raised their eyes to the twinkling star of i-malism of God from the depth of some individual Decoherence of God. Such cascade observation. Cascade afflation. The same is about the Decoherence of God under consideration.

There we go… Let’s sum up. Qi decoherence of GOD itself is a clear superposition of states. In other words, non-locality. We may “see” only its decoherence in the form of some individual Aspect. But such Aspect may spring only from the particular Decoherence of God based on a real Quantifier. So we obtain decoherence of decoherence… God, forgive me for my sins.

Individual Aspects of Qi decoherence of GOD

The illustration is all right… Let’s express it in words. What is the Aspect? It is a path. From some individual (based on a real Quantifier) decoherence of God to Qi decoherence. Since the latter is non-locality, the path, in fact, leads to unattainable ideal, to the Absolute, to i-mal God… And the path is endless. But there is the limit. The aim pursued. The path is winding. Sometimes leading to deep jungle of common cultural Amazon; mainstream, triviality, absurd and fear are the main demons leading astray… It is important not to lose the general direction – the structure-forming message of the Aspect differs from the message of the initial decoherence. It is kind of focused on Qi essence of God. And the meaning is changed! Curled against the initial, basic meaning, because is multiplied by complex numbers. None the less, we deal with the Algebraic Image of God. Incomprehensible? For example, the Christian Aspect of Qi decoherence of God. Christianity? Yes. But not self-assured, not stuffed, not sugary-frankincense, not anile. But making cold shiver running down our spine. Maybe it is not for everybody. Not everybody is strong enough… But we’ll talk about it later.

Look at this blossoming baobab. By the way, we may sometimes abbreviate some terms: an Aspect of Qi decoherence of God may be called an Aspect of God i-malism… Well now. Let’s roll out, in all its glory, this… (stagecraft takes its course) cascade. You may click on the Aspects. Feel free to dig in them… Then we’ll continue.

Qi decoherence of GOD

SORRY! Ideas are under development

As the saying goes... Bad request: 404 (not found). I can’t say anything else about the Aspect of God i-malism, except this odium. Opening time? God knows… Maybe the author of the “play” has not come into the world yet. Maybe we have to wait for twenty-thirty years. But if you’d like to do it yourself… You are welcome!

Pagan Aspect of GOD i-malism Jewish Aspect of GOD i-malism

The bill

is all in snow… Blank. But maybe the way to the first night starts here:

The bill

is all in sand… Blank. But maybe the way to the first night starts here:

Congratulations with the first night!

Let me introduce
the Christian Aspect of GOD i-malism to you!

Yes, my dear friends! The human being is weak. That is why, looking at the open palm (five finger cushions) of individual Aspects of Qi decoherence of God, I have thrown light only on one of them. It is the Christian Aspect. That’s where (and only there – in Christianity) not only your humble servant has grown from, but also the whole flower bed of the ideas described here. That’s my destiny - I’m not authorized to penetrate with the rest Aspects. And it is not bad. As the saying goes, everything is left to people! I don’t want to grab everything… And I’m all right, you know. Because I’m sure there are smart men awesomer than me. No doubt! Since…

One Aspect – one life

Every person comes to God i-malism his/her own way, but always relying to inner self, to own invariant of soul, own drawing of the Perpetual. One can reach out the general vertical, the i-malism only from some point on the horizontal line of Faith, confidently preaching one of the material measures of God. Only this way. Otherwise our drawing is senseless abstraction. And that’s all…

So, I am Christian. I have cherished the i-malism ideas in Christianity, that is why the Christian Aspect of Qi decoherence of God prevails in my arguments and statements. The mentioned book (†L-Algebra Over Ex:20 Field) is not an exception. Once again – I have no time for deep analysis of other Aspects of Qidecoherence of God. Sorry, but I’m not eternal, while whole life must be devoted to each Aspect, otherwise it is trash. So I can’t analyze it thoroughly, and I have no right to do it superficially. The advance from the employer does not allow profanation. That is why it rests with you to give fundamental analysis of the Aspects! Are there any titans left? Or they left the local continuum forever? If there is anyone (or will come) among the living creatures… do not fail me! Ok?

Now let’s continue our way to great discoveries!

This is romance. But let’s return to our muttons. To the structure of Qi decoherence of GOD. I hope, now you understand why Qi takes a top place and dominates over other, real Quantifies of Contemplation of God. Qi decoherence of God may claim a special, uniting and generalizing, role. Yes, the decoherence itself is non-local, but… That’s the whole point! We deal with a complicated state. All conceivable and inconceivable ancestors of all the individual Aspects of Qi decoherence of God, whether existing or not, are intermingled within this divine cloud. What would be the consequences? It is beyond words! Fantastic discoveries in the web of unbelievable links are ahead of us… It is so exciting! Just imagine, something happens here, but respond comes from an unexpected place. Well, we’ll see! Or not we. What an interesting life is ahead of our successors! Here a question arises.

What is preach of all this?

You see, there is no even a name yet… What is it – religion, church? I don’t like to use words thoughtlessly. Moreover the two last ones are used unmercifully, in season and out of season. It’s a pity. That’s too bad. But we will not contribute to the common process of devaluation of the great words. If the ideas given here are worth something, the name will appear; otherwise the name is of no use at all The time will put everything in order. The history of the issue shows that names in such cases occur not immediately and not all of a sudden. Paganism, Christianity, Islam… Even atheism. What do we have? Verticaletheism, i-malism? Yes, sounds like idiotism. Well, let’s wait. One or two hundred years do not matter.

Ok. Let’s say, I consider it a religion. But there are plenty of exceptions here. Namely. Due to the structure of this God Decoherence, the religion based on it may not become a pure religion. Will not become a religion as such, but... Will be a kind of dome extending and covering all the previous ones (including atheism). What kind of unity will it be? Sure it will not be like a broom – all hairs fastened tightly to each other. It will be like… openwork legs of a feast table. Though pants of different fits rub against them, they are “crowned” by the same tabletop, form its “pillars”, are twisted into the common aether. The unity will not mix them or trample them. Christian Trinity is essential without mixing and fusion. The same is about this faith… It may be based only on the same principles – to unite without mixing. i-malism will rise as a kind of meta-religion uniting all the rest ones. And up, to the sky, to new dimension. Taking away everything existing together with its points.

«Brethren, let every man, wherein he is called, therein abide with God» (First Letter to the Corinthians, 7, 24).

What does it mean? This potential faith will not deny the previous and other ones, will not make the person leave and forget his/her previous one. NO! When it is formed, it will just extend any religion, open an unknown dimension. Summing up a hard and thorny way of the mankind to True Monotheism (see: Akhenaten, Abraham, Muhammad).


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