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About interconnection between the Quantifiers of Contemplation of God

It is difficult to put something horizontal upright. Moreover, to make it compact for one glare to embrace the whole picture. That is why (I promise it is just for some time) we will abandon the vertical. Let’s stick to horizontal expression of the world! However we will keep a small vertical. Vertical i. Well now, look at the point of intersection of the real and imaginary axes of the transcendental spirit. Touch (or click on) the points. Oh! They will tell you something about themselves…

Qi i-malism of God. The process of global religious construction is not over yet. It is in progress! Let’s go on. A new formula of God quantity. Do not say «three»! Do not say «one»! Do not say «real»! God is NOT ONE - God is i-MAL. The idea of God i-malism is based on several pillars – paganism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, atheism. Here we recollect unorthodox theists’ message concerning transcendentality of God. That’s right. Try to understand the essence of the square root of minus one. Another pillar. Each pillar bears a part of the idea, contains its individual guess of the final result.

Q0 Atheists. Incredible as it may seem, they are closer to God with their zero than the others, if we speak of graphical expression of God i-malism. See? Compare the distance between the points on the plane of complex numbers. And that’s all. While in general (I’m not kidding)… The closeness is imaginary (sorry for pun). Yes. God is one and imaginary. God is imaginary one. Atheism maîtres rely (though unconsciously) right on this conclusion of the formula of complex quantity of God. Imaginary? It means God does not exist! We imagine God… This wordplay of doubtful logic has brought many to deadlock. But they are not absolutely wrong. There is NO God in reality, in the material world. God materiality (along X axis) is zero. Complex number 0 + i. A real part Quantity of GOD - pure 0!!! Dead. Asleep. There were such ideas. Anyway God is nowhere to be seen in the material world. THERE IS NO GOD in the major world of atheists – the real, material world. They are right. Because it is really so.

Q1 Muslims. One knows their great formula: «There is no God,…» (the palm downward, the hand draws a horizontal line in space, as if showing where exactly there is no God – along the horizontal line, along the real X axis – my note) «…except…» (the palm turns edgeways and moves up and down – drawing an imaginary Y axis, an exception – again my note). «…Allah»! They are very close! It’s no coincidence that Wahhabis – the most irreconcilable fanatical sect in Islam – extirpate any material theological manifestations: look! real godling number one hundred and seventy-seven has come out – the godling must be trodden, the idolators – disemboweled. That’s it… Whatever polytheists adore – McDonald’s, football or bare wrist of the foot – Wahhabis find them and hang them. In general they are right. But… They keep THE REAL ONE to adore it - Allah is the one. The One. They should be consistent – down with the one! Do not say… real. There is no God except… i!!! Yeah. Here they are. They have reached the oneness, the One, and stopped, but they should have made one more step. Not strong enough? Or too difficult for them? Though they had the reputation of good mathematicians…

Q3/1 Christians (and Q1/3 Jews). How to get over their faith in the Trinity of One? Just believe! But still? Who can give a verbal notion of an imaginary mathematical unit without understanding it? Just try to do it! You will twiddle your thumbs in impotent rage against yourself… Muttering something. Maybe about multiplicity of the unity and oneness of the multiple. A heavy cross… How many solutions does equation «x²+1=0» have? None? Or two in none? That’s a question… How can a humanist (like Abraham) without mathematic knowledge describe it without any theory of uncreated images united in something one? How? It is impossible to express it - we always obtain a silly fraction (though it is not always silly) 1/3 or 3/1… Moreover I have not determined the point of the Trinity on the real X axis. That is why I have put it somewhere between the one and the three. Maybe its place is on another line, in another dimension? Along the Y axis? Isn’t it an ancestor of imaginary i? After all the apologists of the Trinity are right in a way…

Q Pagans. They were the first… That is why their approach is native and original. God knows who inspires them to go beyond the eternity. To reach the end of the line and escape from one-dimensionality. To two-dimensionality. To the perpendicular, to the vertical, to the complex i! From poor routine of simple counting on real hands to another (yet unknown) measure. Here is the paradox: the closer they are to their dark non-countable eternity, the farther they are from TRUE GOD.


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